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If your wheels are out of alignment, you may experience your vehicle pulling to the left or right while you are driving straight ahead. Misalignment of your wheels can result in the uneven wearing of your tyres, loss of traction and increased fuel consumption.


We offer comprehensive laser wheel alignment to ensure you wheels are performing to the best of their ability. Our state-of-the-art system measures the angles of the front and rear wheels so that your wheels can be perfectly aligned to a fraction of a degree.

Keep your wheels on the straight and narrow

Correct wheel alignment will help your tyres wear more slowly, your car drive straight on a straight road and help increase fuel efficiency - so call to book your car in if you need assistance.

Wheel alignment & tracking

  • Laser wheel alignment / tracking

  • Prevent uneven tyre wear

  • Prevent your car pulling tot eh side on a straight road

  • Help improve fuel efficiency

  • All work carried out by fully trained, experienced technicians

If your wheel alignment needs adjusting, call